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We deliver best in class satellite, blended, cellular and support solutions for your
mission critical communications needs.

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Satellite Service

Our Satellite Network offers high performance, end-to-end delivery of data, voice, and video applications. Built on an Emergency Response Only network, Tactical IP gives agencies a reliable satellite network with multiple bandwidth options to fit every agency’s needs and requirements. We designed every component to provide the highest level of connectivity backed by 24/7/365 support.  With over 10 different satellites to choose from our Tactical IP network provides Global coverage at lightning-fast speeds with the lowest contention ratios in the industry.

High Performance, Emergency Response Only, Global Satellite Network

Tactical IP Satellite Service provides customers with always-on bandwidth that enables reliable communications at any time. Mission critical communication, continuity of operations and business continuity are the priority. PEAKE offers mobile and fixed satellite service for any mission-focused customer needing a reliable, redundant communication source.

up to 20mBps
x 5mbps
emergency response
only network
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multiple look angles
10 satellites to choose from

Tactical IP CONNECT Features

Tactical-IP CONNECT provides instant, seamless access to mission-critical data, voice, and video communications even under the most challenging environmental or operational conditions.

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Ku Plans include: 4x2 Mbps, 10x2.5 Mbps, and 20x5 Mbps

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10 Days On-Air Per Month

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Emergency Responder Only Network

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Global Coverage

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Multiple Look-Angles - up to 12 satellites to choose from

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Greater Redundancy

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On the Move (OTM) metered plans available with Kymeta antenna system

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No Provisioning Fees** (on sites with annual contracts)

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Faster speeds, lower contention rations, Low cost

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Ground Station Diversity

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Combine with Blended Connectivity solutions for most robust and resilient internet connection on the market

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Lowest Cost in Industry as a result of PEAKE’s Engineering Approach

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LEO Services available: Starlink and OneWeb
MEO Services available

All Tactical-IP service plans are a shared (burst) service, allowing service 24x7x365 days per year, with no requirement to reserve or schedule service. It’s simply always there. For those occasions where dedicated bandwidth is required, we provide either Committed Information Rate (CIR) profiles for priority traffic or 100% Dedicated Bandwidth.

A blend of wide beam and high capacity satellites offered as an open-architecture based global satellite service.

  • Coverage is provided by 12 Satellites
  • All satellite operators owned by United States and NATO member countries

Optimized for Land and Aviation Class Terminals

Optimized for Maritime Class Terminals

** Coverage in these areas are provided with a surcharge: Midway, Wake Island, Guam, Mariana, Marshal Islands, and Micronesia

LEO Satellite Systems Available

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Blended Connectivity

Blended Connectivity allows your Agency to use each of your connection points and blends them together to create one great connectivity pipe, giving you a lot of speed and availability for mission critical communications.

Resilient Internet Connectivity for Critical Communications

Tactical IP BLEND combines PEAKE’s Tactical IP satellite service and Dejero’s revolutionary Smart Blending Technology (SBT) to provide first responders unparalleled reliability and interoperability. By using Dejero’s SBT we combine your agency's existing communication services (FirstNet, Cellular, Satellite, Broadband, Wi-Fi) and create one large network giving you enhanced, reliable and stable communications with greater bandwidth and security.

Tactical IP Blend Logo
highest possible throughput & greater bandwidth
Icon Blended Connectivity
combine satellite, Cellular & Broadband
up to
network security
enHanced reliability uninterrupted connectivity
unique service plans combining satellite & 5g/LTE

Benefits of Tactical IP BLEND

Blended Connectivity allows your Agency to use each of your connection points and blends them together to create one great connectivity pipe, giving you a lot of speed and availability for mission critical communications.

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Increased Bandwidth and Speed

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Highest possible Through-put

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Uninterrupted Connectivity

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Carrier Diversity

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Greater utilization of the systems and services you are already paying for

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Enhanced Reliability

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More connection stability

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Better VSAT Solution- lower contention, faster speed, multiple look angles

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More Economical- Zero increase of cost on the service side

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Blend together the services you already have (Cellular, FirstNet, Satellite, Broadband)

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Increased Security and Redundancy

Tactical IP BLEND is powered by Dejero's revolutionary 
Smart Blending Technology (SBT)

Dejero Products

Cellular Services

PEAKE provides cellular service for Public Safety and Emergency Management agencies, with every major carrier.

Cellular and Blended plans for Public Safety, First Response and Emergency Management

FirstNet enables Public Safety customers to get the priority, coverage, and interoperability they need without sacrificing choice in the devices they require to get the job done. The FirstNet network is complemented by a suite of public-safety driven solutions that provide additional value to first responders. PEAKE is an authorized FirstNet dealer.

Through our Tactical IP BLEND service, Agencies can purchase connectivity from multiple providers bundled with our BLEND service- giving them the following advantages:

Multiple Carriers under one service, one invoice, one company
Provision enterprise
grade sims & manage activation
pay BY
One invoice from peake
instead of each provider
Manage Connections from online Platform
24/7 Support

Have all of your mission critical communication services under one provider and under one billing cycle. PEAKE is authorized to sell cellular service individually from the following providers:

VOice Services

For fast, effective response to emergency situations, PEAKE offers a series of satellite-based IP dial tone services and off-grid services.

Highly Reliable IP Voice Network with Off-Grid Availability

Our Tactical Voice solution offers VoIP access allowing reliable communications crucial to the efforts of relief operations.  Our Voice Network was carefully built using the latest technologies and offers a highly available architecture using redundant gateway systems. 

Benefits of Tactical IP Voice

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Flexible connectivity for connection to voice services

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Terminates VoIP calls from your SIP or H.323 gateway into our highly available Voice network

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Redundant gateway systems

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5-digit internal dialing; Single or set of Direct Inward Dial (DID) line

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AES encryption tunnels secure traffic

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Local DID allows for phone number in own area code

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Tactical Voice Standard, Tactical Voice Premium, and Tactical Voice CONNECT plans available

Agency Connect remains operational when everything is offline, allowing you to connect with any other Agency on the network, or any network

This SIP-based phone service operates between satellite nodes and is routed over the Tactical IP network. The functionality of Agency Connect is not dependent on the availability of the PSTN or Global Internet as it is hosted entirely within the teleports- Call Agency to Agency (A2A) anytime. Agency Connect also seamlessly integrates with other providers’ off-grid phone services allowing off-grid voice connections to hundreds of other agencies.

Agency Connect  plans
A2A Plus
Free PEAKE Provided Dedicated A2A Phone
Ability to Directly call other Agencies on private network
Browseable directory of other agencies and status
Functionality not dependant on availability on PSTN or global internet
Ability to use A2A phone to make/receive calls from outside of network
Ability to have A2A line appearance on existing phone system
Ability to have multiple A2A DIDs and enhanced features on existing phone system

Engineering Support Services

PEAKE offers a comprehensive support mechanism for our satellite service customers.

PRO Support is the perfect complement to your PEAKE integrated solutions

PRO Support provides end-users with the highest level of technical assistance, including direct access to our experienced, certified systems engineers. Our PRO Support service is your operation’s best choice for on-call engineering, advanced training, preventative maintenance, extended warranty, and any support services that facilitate seamless communications for mission success.

Icon Satellite
Satellite Customer Support Program
24x7x365 Staffed network operations center
Advanced Network Engineers on Call
Prosupport Levels 1, 2, 3 & Premium
Preventative Maintenance plans
Field Service Reps available
Pro Support plans
level 1
level 2
level 3
level 4
24/7 On Call Network Operations Support
‘Spare in the Air’ Program (Overnight iDirect modem replacement)
Extend coverage to entire network suite
Ability to escalate to onsite support
Unlimited remote engineering support for existing PEAKE installed or configured systems
Ability to escalate to onsite support including drill, exercise and mission support
Custom preventative maintenance program for systyems installed, configured, or integrated by PEAKE

pro Support at a glance

World-class engineers who put customers first.

PRO Support Customers
5 Continents
Global PRO Support Coverage Area
Hours for Support Availability
Satellite Customers who use PRO support

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